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These are my confessions…


On Thursday night I ate a whole packet of biscuits, not just 3 or 4 or even 6 but the entire packet. I didn’t even share it with someone. What’s worse is I didn’t even feel that sick afterwards. These were the kind with crunchy biscuits covered in chocolate with a crème centre that really goes down well with a cup of tea.



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Motivation- just put it straight into my veins.

I’m not going to lie to you good people, my diet hasn’t been best of late. In fact last night I had so many chocolate biscuits at work (they were FREE!) I decided that would be my dinner. Then I got home… and ate a second dinner. But I needed to eat some vegetables right? 5 plus a day?…Do mushrooms still count if they are covered in cheese….?

For the past few weeks this has pretty much been my approach to dieting:


and the idea of exercise has been more along these lines:


I think its time to press the reset button. This is the time when I go through my cupboards and throw all the bad food that has crept back in over time (when I say throw out, I mean eat it all so its all gone and I feel satisfactorily sick).


Other tasks, whilst resetting my unravelled self, include: Making a new gym playlist of music, googling more weight loss supplements and detoxes that I’ll never buy and create (yet another) tick off/sticker chart system. Last but not least, I shall dig deep within myself and convince myself that YES I can do this!


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