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When is enough, enough?

I wonder sometimes If I spent as much time as I do thinking and worrying about my weight and put that energy towards something else, like my career, social life, or creativity what amazing things I could get done? Sometimes I worry that i’m becoming obsessed with weight loss, which if I looked like a fitness model would make sense, but when there are zero to minimal results it all seems unhealthy outlook.

Then I see a picture like this and think F*ck it I want to look like that. Hand me the appetite suppressants.



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Oh the horror.

So I attempted to go belt shopping today. My go-to belt has finally worn out and I have some winter clothes that no longer stay up by themselves (Win!).  Feeling a little cocky at the fact I could have possibly dropped a belt size (if that’s a thing?), I sauntered over to the belt section, picked out a few… then causally, without drawing to much attention to myself, put a couple around my hips….On the rack they looked huge, long enough to go around me one and a half times..but to my horror…

NONE of them came close to fitting.

I knew that I couldn’t be too upset as I was in a second hand store so the size range was limited, and as we all know (don’t we fatties) once we get that one good belt, we aint letting it until it starts letting go of our pants! Regardless of this fact, I still felt embarrassed, like the biggest person in the store, and realised that belt shopping is pretty much like publicly measuring yourself again and again. I quickly put them back on the rack, pretending that I thought they were all ugly anyway, who needs belts anyway when I can wear dresses…right?

Solution? Online shopping…

Maybe I should just give up and buy one of these belts!


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A real conundrum…

If you revisit one of my first posts, I talk about the fact I’m not too ample in the chest area. The good fatty bits are suppose to be ONE of the great things about being a curvy woman. I mean who doesn’t like boobs right? So this whole ” I wear black because its a funeral for my fat” thing is excellent…

But…. ALAS my breasts! So for every bicep curl, squat, mile run , cake I don’t eat…I fear they fade away ever so slightly more…


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