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You’re not a salad

Coming to the daunting realisation that my efforts to lose weight before my trip has resulted gaining weight (how did that happen?) I decided that salads and soups are the way forward for the next 6 weeks!

Today at my favourite salad bar, I was confronted with satay noodles, beans and broccoli, potato, couscous and chickpeas. This left me asking what is a salad exactly?

The oxford dictionary defines it as:

A cold dish of various mixtures of raw or cooked vegetables, usually seasoned with oil, vinegar, or other dressing and sometimes accompanied by meat, fish, or other ingredients.

I don’t remember noodles being a vegetable do you?

It seems to be the cool thing to do these days…call anything served cold, a salad. This works for me, my brain thinks I’m sticking to my ‘only salad’s’ plan, however my waist line disagrees.

So be careful my dear fatties, just because it’s at a salad bar doesn’t mean its low calorie!


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Tip # 3 Where would I be without Steve…via



I use to be a savory person, actually I still am with the added bonus of growing some sweet teeth in my riper years… So now I feel those strong, all body encompassing urges to rummage through the cupboards desperately looking for something, anything sweet. Heck, raisins will do! And yes I have reverted to making cake batter just to eat it. (There was never a cake) or even making icing, (again there was never a cake).

They say sugar’s addictive… I would agree with that wholeheartedly (and so would my thighs). So whats a girl to do??

Let me introduce to Steve…. I mean Stevia.

Stevia is a sweet leafed plant, part of the Chrysanthemum family. The leaves of the Stevia plant have an incredible sweetness that is 300 times sweeter than sugar and are also non calorific. It has been part of the human diet for thousands of years but only since the 21st century, due to demand, has it been used for everyday use around the world. – Nativa NZ website

I don’t use this ALL the time, but a teaspoon in my tea, sometimes over cereal etc. Its a great substitute when your trying get off sugar, my favorite product I buy is Nativa and from what I’ve researched has a lot of positive feedback and not harmful like those other arifical sweetners like aspartame found in diet soda drinks. The great thing about Nativa (No I’m not their spokesperson!) is that you can use it in baking… I haven’t yet to do this yet, but when I do, fatties, you will be the first to know!

So go on, let Steve give you a sweet deal ,lower those calories and enjoy your sweet sweet tea!


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Tip# 2 The Amazing Fantastical Popping Corn!

ImageI work strange and wonderful hours, which believe me makes it hard to fit in a good eating routine. But this week I have succeeded (hooray) and popcorn has had a lot to do with this!

But STOP fatties, put the butter down! I’m talking about healthy popcorn with no butter or caramel or whatever creative toppings your akin to. I’m talking about popcorn simply popped in a microwave or pot and then sprinkled with salt.

When I first tried this I was like, yeh…. this is pretty bland, but believe me get the salt ratio right and you have yourselves a low calorie crunchy savory snack that tides you through that awkward 3.30-itis.

But how do you cook popcorn with out butter? I’ve been asked. Well, I always use the magnificent magical machine called the microwave. Simply put a handful of kernels in a bowl, cover and then turn on for 2-3 minutes, or until you hear the popping come to an end. You may need to experiment with your own one as I’ve found air humidity and different machines can make a difference.



Happy popping everyone!

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Tip #1 Sensational Celery

Before you sigh out of disgust just hear me out!


Celery is like an edible spoon.  Conveniently shaped to scoop, one can scoop up a filling, and then eat without the shame of eating nutella/mayonnaise/ peanut-butter etc straight from the jar with a spoon, or finger. Thus, Celery transforms this rather primal act from ‘ass’ to ‘class’, in seconds!

What’s even better about celery is that its practically 0 calories. In fact, some people say because it’s so fibrous and watery. it burns more calories then its made up of. That makes it negative calories!

Missing the crunch? Celery is also VERY crunchy- and although doesn’t replace the oil saturated salty goodness of Potato chips, your ass, thighs and stomach will thank you later for that!

My personal go-to snack at the moment is celery and Marmite. A savory yeast spread which I don’t think has graced the shores of America, but should! New Zealand Marmite is the best. Its super low in calories, has a strong flavour and goes surprisingly well in a Cel-dog.


So fatties, now you can have your spoon and eat it too! TRY it I dare you!

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Guilt free Easter ideas.

This Easter think Hot Buns. Not hot cross buns. 

Easter is coming, we all know this means mountains of chocolates, hot cross buns dripping in butter, and family dinners that leave you unbuttoning your pants.

But this Easter could be different! You don’t have to wear your fat pants this year, instead you could be one step closer to those ‘bitches be jealous skinny jeans’!


1)    Pot of carrots anyone?


Fill small bowls inside with Hummus or salsa.

Stick baby carrots in

Prick a small hole in the top to insert the parsley

There you go a very low cal snack, that will also impress the pants off your friends and family!

2)    Eggs…real eggs. Oh protein get in my belly.


Devilled eggs

1)    Make deviled eggs – and add a bit of carrot for the beak

2)    Display in an egg carton for novelty factor

3)    To make it lower in fat do the following:

Use 2/3 of the yolk (The yolks have most of the calories and fat in eggs. One yolk has 5 grams of fat and 54 calories, compared with only 16 calories and no fat in an egg white.) Instead, use nonfat cottage cheese to stand in for some of the yolks—it keeps the filling velvety and rich while reducing some of the fat

Instead Of Regular Mayo Choose Low-Fat. It has 15 calories per tablespoon and 1 gram of fat. It really is a miracle in creating a velvety filling.

Egg prawn cocktails?


3) Japanese Rice balls. Cause everyone loves a good set of balls.



(Use sesame seeds for the eyes, seaweed for the waist band)

4)    Bunch of eatable Tulips for the table?


Tomatoes stuffed with cottage cheese on chives – not really Easter themed but super cool.

So…what’s in it? – 13 large cherry tomatoes – 14 stalks of chives – 200g cottage cheese – 1 cucumber – ½ teaspoon dried basil – salt – pepper.

5)  And then there’s fruit…







6) Yogurt Berry Popsicle Eggs

ImageImageFor further instructions go to this website:

7) Other quirky food and decoration ideas, to distract you from the fact your on a healthy diet…








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