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I’m not really into the whole Protein shake thing, but for those of you that are…


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Fatties run too.

“Only skinny people do marathons”… this my friends is a myth, a lie! How do I know this? Well two years ago I somehow motivated myself to do a half marathon (that’s 21km…just saying…aka a freaking long way). I was surprised at the variation of body types that were there! There was young, old, short tall, toned, tubby you name it. Many people use these marathons, whether it be the full, half, quarter or the fun runs, as personal goal posts for their own weight loss journeys, their health journeys, fundraising for charity etc.

The great thing about being a plumper runner is that you are always being cheered on!

ImageThe downside of course is the chaffing, the sweating,  the clothes riding up into unimaginable places, and the catching yourself in a reflection and thinking  Oh god, do I really look like that?. But don’t give up fatties! Take it from me, someone that loathed running and now is getting people calling me “A Runner”? (How did this happen?) slow and steady wins the race!


I think the problem with exercises like running is that a lot of overweight people are embarrassed to go out in public, fearful of other people’s judgments. Well, take it from me when I see a fattie running, I just give them a mental high five. What I would recommend if you are worried is going to a park, running circuit/trail or a gym, where people go specifically to exercise therefore surrounding yourself with likeminded people. In terms of worrying if people are staring at you…bitch please. I’m busy fixating on the super toned girl that I would give my weight in gold to be like. I couldn’t care less about another fattie trying to lose weight. I have to face that situation everyday!

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Guna Run like a Boss for the Red Cross

Guna Run like a Boss for the Red Cross

Is there a better way to freshen up a diet plan then to do a 8.6km  fun run for charity? Here’s my fun-draising  page… because its fun to give money to a good cause!

Wish me luck for today!


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