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The turkey, the dessert, the aftermath.

Dear Fatties,

First of all Merry Christmas, hope you all put your dieting (or attempts at) behind you on this festive day, I know I sure did.



Secondly sorry for being so but of touch this past year, I’ve been busy. Busy gaining another few kilos. its been great, I’ve dined and drunk nights away, carefree and happy… until one day… that moment you realise you fat jeans no longer fit, and your back fat has more rolls then your Christmas dinner table and cheekbones have become somewhat buried and are ready for excavation.

Over this past year I have gone into some sort of denial over my weight gain, playing the blame game…




And as much as I joke I am deeply disappointed in myself about not only reaching my maximum weight but then belly flopping over it. I am at my heaviest I’ve ever been and motivation has been at an all time low. Most of this is due to finding myself in a wonderful relationship with a lovely man who loves my curves no matter where they are . But again, I can’t blame him, he isn’t the one forcing food into my mouth… well there was that one time with chocolate covered strawberries… anyway….

I need to get back into routines I had before I moved to London, going to the gym, salads, saying no to ordering pizza and being prepared!

My real push for this new found interest in losing this excess weight is that I’m going back home after 1.5 years for a two week summer holiday in 8 weeks! 8 WEEKS. I don’t want to go home a fattie! I really don’t, so I have 8 weeks to lose a 5 kilos. I would love to put it at more, but a girls gotta eat and I want this to be a long term thing. Is 5 kilos in 8 weeks to much? Or is it enough? Can I do it?? …Watch this space….



Over sized luggage?


Hello Fatties!

Gosh it’s been a while! Sorry I have been travelling the world haven’t had time to truly explore the trials and tribulations of weight! However that doesn’t go to say that these issues have disappeared… more like been suppressed by blocks of Dutch cheese and Irish fudge!


Now I know some of you might be thinking that I shouldn’t be worrying about weight while I’m on one of the biggest adventures of my life. But have you SEEN European women? They are impossibly beautiful and most of them are very slim also.

Just to break it down for you, I am currently travelling Europe for 3 months with the Intention to move to one of these countries permanently. I sold all my belongings (including my yoga matt) and bought a one way ticket. Luckily I have an Irish passport so I can be more laissez faire about it all.


My first week was spent in Madrid, Spain with one of my best friends who is a real foodie, so dieting was off the table. Then I had 10 days alone where I actually thinking I lost weight due to the heat of Barcelona and not wanting to dine alone that often. But then I met my other friend and all that delightful weight loss has gone down the greasy chocolaty drain!

For two months I am travelling with my good German friend, who is, to say to lease a little obsessed with food, So the day somewhat revolves around meals. Don’t get me wrong I love this approach to travelling and when you are backpacking on a budget for 3 months combining food and site seeing is a great way to spend ones time….however when a meal of deep fried chips with mayo is followed by Nutella covered waffles one can’t help but wonder about the calories!


But the great thing about backpacking is often you care carrying around a bag that is 15 kilos upwards on your back, walking up stairs, running for buses and then during the day (without the back) you average about 4-5 hours of walking… so burgers and ice cream is ok then?….

I do get moments where I literally crave fresh vegetables and fruit so we are trying to make an effort to get our food from the supermarket, cook our own meals etc. But of course in a foreign land sometimes you aren’t 100% what you are buying (or eating).

So far I have only had to dust off the ole bikini a couple times in Spain, the rest of the time “Summer” has been colder than my Auckland NZ Winter! But I have high hopes for Italy and Greece!

So my grand plan! Keep up the walking! Keep trying new things, but don’t necessarily have massive amounts of them! Drink lots of water, WATCH MY PORTIONS, only drink sugary or alcoholic drinks if it’s worth it, and try and do some exercises wherever possible!

For those of you who are interested in following my travels, I also have a travel blog:




You’re not a salad

Coming to the daunting realisation that my efforts to lose weight before my trip has resulted gaining weight (how did that happen?) I decided that salads and soups are the way forward for the next 6 weeks!

Today at my favourite salad bar, I was confronted with satay noodles, beans and broccoli, potato, couscous and chickpeas. This left me asking what is a salad exactly?

The oxford dictionary defines it as:

A cold dish of various mixtures of raw or cooked vegetables, usually seasoned with oil, vinegar, or other dressing and sometimes accompanied by meat, fish, or other ingredients.

I don’t remember noodles being a vegetable do you?

It seems to be the cool thing to do these days…call anything served cold, a salad. This works for me, my brain thinks I’m sticking to my ‘only salad’s’ plan, however my waist line disagrees.

So be careful my dear fatties, just because it’s at a salad bar doesn’t mean its low calorie!


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So how many calories are in dating?

Ahhh dating. I have been meaning to do a post about this for a while, however with no one special around the words were about as stale as my love life. Not much has changed however I have been brave enough to suck it up (Literally) and go on a couple dates.

The thing with dating is you want to look good, and normally you have lost a bit of weight and so are feeling good so logically you out more and find that you attract more attention etc etc. But this is when everything can go tits up because you’re still dieting and trying to look as good naked as humanly possible… and then come the dates. A date typically is dinner and drinks. You want to appear fun and cruisey and not a weight obsessed freak, however, you can’t help but raise your eyebrows at the week’s worth of calories glaring at you on your plate. But hey (you tell yourself) it’s just this once, it’s a first date right?

Lots of people say they want to lose weight to be healthy and live longer, I don’t buy it. You want to look hot, be hot and make other people think you’re hot. [People with legit health problems, I’ll let you off this time].

So, you end your night a little light headed from the wine you don’t normally drink on Tuesday nights, and are lucky enough to get a goodnight kiss. Then the fateful words “we should do this again sometime” are uttered. Your delighted! But that inner gym coach knows what this means…

There are some that beat this curse by being “these couples”…

No sorry guys, sex-ercise doesn’t count.

But… for most of us, the motivation fades, the cosy nights begin, you are loved for your curves. So what’s the problem you ask…. This:

I’m still in the safe zone, still in the single zone… where motivation should be at an all time high…..should be…

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Fatties you deserve the truth!

As we all strive to the best we can be, I think it’s important that we once again take a look at the media’s role in how we look at ourselves and how attainable our goals really are.



If your like me, you look for motivation anywhere you can get it, and sometimes the hang in there kitty posters just aren’t enough. So where do we fatties turn….Television!… The Biggest Loser is one prime example that I know first hand has helped people get through their weight loss hurdles. However, if you have seen one of the more resent outcomes you might start to think differently about what goes on behind closed doors…




Ammm its it just me or does that look unhealthy??

The following are quotes taken from blog, who had a phone interview with a older contestant Kai Hibbard. This is just to give you a snap shot of what is really happening on these shows. The weight loss these people experience is not healthy, realistic or sustainable!

” … From seeing her fellow contestants forced to workout with injuries against doctor’s orders, to the extreme dehydration prior to weigh-ins, to the resultant eating disorder that Kai still is working to heal, the story she told was nothing like the fantasy that the Biggest Loser seeks to promote…”

 Kai on the audition process: … “You get poked and prodded by complete strangers and nobody will tell you a single thing about what’s going on.  And that point was where I really believe that the dehumanization process started, where they start teaching you that because you are overweight you are sub-human and you just start to believe it….”


The meaning of a “week”:  “On the Biggest Loser it varied.  “It went from 14 days and I believe that near the end we had one week that was 5 days.”


Kai on The Biggest Loser’s diet and exercise program: “We were working out anywhere between 2 and 5 hours a day, and we were working out severely injured… my feet were bleeding, I was covered in bruises, I was beat up, but boy, I kept hearing about how lucky I was to be there….

…There was a registered dietitian that was supposed to be helping [the contestants at the ranch] as well . . . but every time she tried to give us advice . . . the crew or production would step in and tell us that we were not to listen to anybody except our trainers.”


On the show’s low-calorie diet and her subsequent eating disorder: “So I got to a point where I was only eating about 1,000 calories a day and I was working out between 5 and 8 hours a day. . . .  And my hair started to fall out.  I was covered in bruises.  I had dark circles under my eyes.  Not to get too completely graphic, but my period stopped altogether and I was only sleeping 3 hours a night.  I tried to tell the T.V. show about it and I was told, ‘save it for the camera…my major food groups were water, black coffee and splenda.  I got to the point that when I was nervous or upset I was literally vomiting my food up.

…My husband says I’m still afraid of food. . . . I’m still pretty messed up from the show. 

I didn’t lose 12 pounds in a week. It didn’t happen.  It wasn’t a week.  And even when it looks like I lost 12 pounds in a week . . . I was so severely dehydrated that I was completely unhealthy.”

I realise this isn’t breaking news, It’s a good lesson to learn about the media what you see is not what you get! So please fatties don’t beat your self up if you don’t loose fat as quickly as them!


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Guilt free Easter ideas.

This Easter think Hot Buns. Not hot cross buns. 

Easter is coming, we all know this means mountains of chocolates, hot cross buns dripping in butter, and family dinners that leave you unbuttoning your pants.

But this Easter could be different! You don’t have to wear your fat pants this year, instead you could be one step closer to those ‘bitches be jealous skinny jeans’!


1)    Pot of carrots anyone?


Fill small bowls inside with Hummus or salsa.

Stick baby carrots in

Prick a small hole in the top to insert the parsley

There you go a very low cal snack, that will also impress the pants off your friends and family!

2)    Eggs…real eggs. Oh protein get in my belly.


Devilled eggs

1)    Make deviled eggs – and add a bit of carrot for the beak

2)    Display in an egg carton for novelty factor

3)    To make it lower in fat do the following:

Use 2/3 of the yolk (The yolks have most of the calories and fat in eggs. One yolk has 5 grams of fat and 54 calories, compared with only 16 calories and no fat in an egg white.) Instead, use nonfat cottage cheese to stand in for some of the yolks—it keeps the filling velvety and rich while reducing some of the fat

Instead Of Regular Mayo Choose Low-Fat. It has 15 calories per tablespoon and 1 gram of fat. It really is a miracle in creating a velvety filling.

Egg prawn cocktails?


3) Japanese Rice balls. Cause everyone loves a good set of balls.



(Use sesame seeds for the eyes, seaweed for the waist band)

4)    Bunch of eatable Tulips for the table?


Tomatoes stuffed with cottage cheese on chives – not really Easter themed but super cool.

So…what’s in it? – 13 large cherry tomatoes – 14 stalks of chives – 200g cottage cheese – 1 cucumber – ½ teaspoon dried basil – salt – pepper.

5)  And then there’s fruit…







6) Yogurt Berry Popsicle Eggs

ImageImageFor further instructions go to this website:

7) Other quirky food and decoration ideas, to distract you from the fact your on a healthy diet…








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The magnificent empowering vegetable


Popeye hit the nail on the head. Vegetables are amazing. Not only are they low calorie but they taste good too, they give you energy and all the right goodies to keep you going, but this isn’t breaking news right?


In recent weeks I had some how forgotten how great vegetables really were and was seduced by cheese, toast, beer and other dastardly things.


But these past few days I’ve said no. I can’t keep doing this anymore, it’s not healthy, I’m sorry, Its not you its me.


And I’m happy to tell you fatties, (don’t forget I only mean that affectionately) I feel better already. Now, I’m not trying to claim that my whole entire system has cleansed itself, but my attitude has shifted back to one of dedication and steely-eyed determination. This is what I call empowerment, when you know what is good for you and you go for it. Because ain’t nobody found success by sitting on their ass all day long wishing away their life with their shoulda, woulda, coulda’s.

The amazing magical thing with food, is that there are options if you don’t want to go hungry…


Make an epic salad, pile on those veges, choose high protein foods that fill you up and make it delicious. There are literally thousands of recipes and ideas out there, and take it from me, an ex-vegetarian, vegetables can taste amazing. Because at the end of the day….




So fatties, lets make a deal, these next few weeks in the face of free donuts, potato chips, and taking the easy way out, we say:


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Super Soul Simpsons Sunday

It’s time to…



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A wide angle

This weekend, at a friend’s birthday, they thought it was a great idea to film some of the evening… The next morning I got a facebook notification that said I had been tagged in a video…. Filled with curiosity and dread I watched it. The entire video was shot from a low angle, which you all should all know is the most fat-accentuating angle possible!

I remember when I left the house I was on Ron Burgundy’s wave length….

ImageBut then watching this video, I pretty much picked all my fat bits apart to the point of no return.


This my friends this is what you call body dysmorphia. Which is more accurately seen in this scenario:

To everybody I look more like this:


But I think I look and feel like this:


If you are someone that suffers from this disorder, which can be life threatening or just confidence destroying, then you might also find that one minute you can think you look ok and then the next minute like the most ugly creature on the planet.


What I find the hardest about having this “disorder” is that I really don’t know where I stand. Because I swear my weight can fluctuate by about 10-20 kilos in a matter of minutes and I know its all in my head but that doesn’t make it any less real of an emotion or belief.

So what can we do about this form of self sabotage? I welcome your suggestions!

1) Learn to trust what others say about you, and just say “thank you” to a compliment rather then shoot it down.


2) Talk to a therapist about it, they know their stuff.



3) and finally say NO to low angle filming/photography, its just cruel.



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Please excuse me, I have to go make excuses now.

You may have noticed that I’m not the most determined at the moment. Part of me thinks I just got fed up with the no thank you’s and the counting calories and the getting up early to work out and just needed a break. But that doesn’t mean I gave up completely so everyday is pretty much like this:


And then my brain converts to this frame of mind…

ImageAnd so far this technique hasn’t worked….


But you know what they say, it’s all a journey and success is never a straight line… nope in my case it’s a spaghetti and cheese shaped line. But in this dip of motivation I’ve learnt a few things, one being that I’m a stress eater.

I haven’t been truly stressed for a while so in my past year of self discovery it slipped through the cracks…. And then it hit. The hunger pangs, the bottomless pit of a stomach, the comfort knowing at the end of the day I have something yummy to look forward to.


I knew that I was an emotional eater, I eat when I’m sad, when I bored, when I’m lonely. But being stressed and anxious is a new one. (yay yet another thing to work on). It wasn’t until talking to my recently buffed up flatmate who measures out every meal/ protein shake to the milligram, that I truly saw this new affliction for what it was… an EXCUSE. Everything that was coming out of mouth was an excuse…. “oh it’s been hard lately because of all the birthday parties, then I get drunk and end up eating late night takeaways”…. The way I describe this situation one would think Ronald McDonald himself was force feeding me burgers at 3am in the morning.


Or I would say “But they keep offering me free cake and biscuits at work”, “I have a lot to do at work so I don’t want to go to gym before work or else then I’ll be tired”. You name it I have an excuse for it, and the worst part is that I’m very convincing not just to myself but to the people around me and they start agreeing with me!

Oh god I think it’s time for Dr Phil. 


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