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So how many calories are in dating?

Ahhh dating. I have been meaning to do a post about this for a while, however with no one special around the words were about as stale as my love life. Not much has changed however I have been brave enough to suck it up (Literally) and go on a couple dates.

The thing with dating is you want to look good, and normally you have lost a bit of weight and so are feeling good so logically you out more and find that you attract more attention etc etc. But this is when everything can go tits up because you’re still dieting and trying to look as good naked as humanly possible… and then come the dates. A date typically is dinner and drinks. You want to appear fun and cruisey and not a weight obsessed freak, however, you can’t help but raise your eyebrows at the week’s worth of calories glaring at you on your plate. But hey (you tell yourself) it’s just this once, it’s a first date right?

Lots of people say they want to lose weight to be healthy and live longer, I don’t buy it. You want to look hot, be hot and make other people think you’re hot. [People with legit health problems, I’ll let you off this time].

So, you end your night a little light headed from the wine you don’t normally drink on Tuesday nights, and are lucky enough to get a goodnight kiss. Then the fateful words “we should do this again sometime” are uttered. Your delighted! But that inner gym coach knows what this means…

There are some that beat this curse by being “these couples”…

No sorry guys, sex-ercise doesn’t count.

But… for most of us, the motivation fades, the cosy nights begin, you are loved for your curves. So what’s the problem you ask…. This:

I’m still in the safe zone, still in the single zone… where motivation should be at an all time high…..should be…

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