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Oh the horror.

So I attempted to go belt shopping today. My go-to belt has finally worn out and I have some winter clothes that no longer stay up by themselves (Win!).  Feeling a little cocky at the fact I could have possibly dropped a belt size (if that’s a thing?), I sauntered over to the belt section, picked out a few… then causally, without drawing to much attention to myself, put a couple around my hips….On the rack they looked huge, long enough to go around me one and a half times..but to my horror…

NONE of them came close to fitting.

I knew that I couldn’t be too upset as I was in a second hand store so the size range was limited, and as we all know (don’t we fatties) once we get that one good belt, we aint letting it until it starts letting go of our pants! Regardless of this fact, I still felt embarrassed, like the biggest person in the store, and realised that belt shopping is pretty much like publicly measuring yourself again and again. I quickly put them back on the rack, pretending that I thought they were all ugly anyway, who needs belts anyway when I can wear dresses…right?

Solution? Online shopping…

Maybe I should just give up and buy one of these belts!


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A bit of pancake for the soul?

Group of women talk about their body image and what it means to feel self conscious in the world.

my answer for the end question would be; when I’m with my family, especially my sister for all her kind words and knowing who I am inside and out.

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Fatties you deserve the truth!

As we all strive to the best we can be, I think it’s important that we once again take a look at the media’s role in how we look at ourselves and how attainable our goals really are.



If your like me, you look for motivation anywhere you can get it, and sometimes the hang in there kitty posters just aren’t enough. So where do we fatties turn….Television!… The Biggest Loser is one prime example that I know first hand has helped people get through their weight loss hurdles. However, if you have seen one of the more resent outcomes you might start to think differently about what goes on behind closed doors…




Ammm its it just me or does that look unhealthy??

The following are quotes taken from blog, who had a phone interview with a older contestant Kai Hibbard. This is just to give you a snap shot of what is really happening on these shows. The weight loss these people experience is not healthy, realistic or sustainable!

” … From seeing her fellow contestants forced to workout with injuries against doctor’s orders, to the extreme dehydration prior to weigh-ins, to the resultant eating disorder that Kai still is working to heal, the story she told was nothing like the fantasy that the Biggest Loser seeks to promote…”

 Kai on the audition process: … “You get poked and prodded by complete strangers and nobody will tell you a single thing about what’s going on.  And that point was where I really believe that the dehumanization process started, where they start teaching you that because you are overweight you are sub-human and you just start to believe it….”


The meaning of a “week”:  “On the Biggest Loser it varied.  “It went from 14 days and I believe that near the end we had one week that was 5 days.”


Kai on The Biggest Loser’s diet and exercise program: “We were working out anywhere between 2 and 5 hours a day, and we were working out severely injured… my feet were bleeding, I was covered in bruises, I was beat up, but boy, I kept hearing about how lucky I was to be there….

…There was a registered dietitian that was supposed to be helping [the contestants at the ranch] as well . . . but every time she tried to give us advice . . . the crew or production would step in and tell us that we were not to listen to anybody except our trainers.”


On the show’s low-calorie diet and her subsequent eating disorder: “So I got to a point where I was only eating about 1,000 calories a day and I was working out between 5 and 8 hours a day. . . .  And my hair started to fall out.  I was covered in bruises.  I had dark circles under my eyes.  Not to get too completely graphic, but my period stopped altogether and I was only sleeping 3 hours a night.  I tried to tell the T.V. show about it and I was told, ‘save it for the camera…my major food groups were water, black coffee and splenda.  I got to the point that when I was nervous or upset I was literally vomiting my food up.

…My husband says I’m still afraid of food. . . . I’m still pretty messed up from the show. 

I didn’t lose 12 pounds in a week. It didn’t happen.  It wasn’t a week.  And even when it looks like I lost 12 pounds in a week . . . I was so severely dehydrated that I was completely unhealthy.”

I realise this isn’t breaking news, It’s a good lesson to learn about the media what you see is not what you get! So please fatties don’t beat your self up if you don’t loose fat as quickly as them!


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A wide angle

This weekend, at a friend’s birthday, they thought it was a great idea to film some of the evening… The next morning I got a facebook notification that said I had been tagged in a video…. Filled with curiosity and dread I watched it. The entire video was shot from a low angle, which you all should all know is the most fat-accentuating angle possible!

I remember when I left the house I was on Ron Burgundy’s wave length….

ImageBut then watching this video, I pretty much picked all my fat bits apart to the point of no return.


This my friends this is what you call body dysmorphia. Which is more accurately seen in this scenario:

To everybody I look more like this:


But I think I look and feel like this:


If you are someone that suffers from this disorder, which can be life threatening or just confidence destroying, then you might also find that one minute you can think you look ok and then the next minute like the most ugly creature on the planet.


What I find the hardest about having this “disorder” is that I really don’t know where I stand. Because I swear my weight can fluctuate by about 10-20 kilos in a matter of minutes and I know its all in my head but that doesn’t make it any less real of an emotion or belief.

So what can we do about this form of self sabotage? I welcome your suggestions!

1) Learn to trust what others say about you, and just say “thank you” to a compliment rather then shoot it down.


2) Talk to a therapist about it, they know their stuff.



3) and finally say NO to low angle filming/photography, its just cruel.



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The Thigh Gap- the myth- the Photoshop disaster.

Ahhh yes the infamous thigh gap which is unattainable for most women and teenage girls, yet has become the obsession for many. I don’t know what angers me the most about these images, the fact that they are producing such false ideas of females bodies or the shoddy photo-shopping work that is able to be published!

thigh gap

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Super Soul Simpson Sunday


Body dysmorphia can work with you.

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Why Vogue makes me angry.

I am the first to admit I love flicking through the glossy pages of Vogue, deciding which model I want to spend the next week aspiring to be in my disillusion post-chocolate muffin haze.

Yes let the skinny models be skinny, they deserve it, it’s their job to starve themselves and look like amazing coat hangers, so a bit of air brushing here and there is to be expected. But when you mess with my girl Lena Dunham … your messing with the wrong pear shaped beauty.


As some of you may know she is the creator of the new hit TV series Girls. I’m not going to go into how great this show is (oh there I said it), however I did want to touch on how refreshing it is to see a NORMAL SIZED woman on the freaking television! I was in Africa a few years ago (bare with me) and had a well educated Tanzanian man admit that he thought all Western women were skinny – this was then followed by him saying I had an “African body”…yeh no. But why wouldn’t he think this? Apart from maybe the news or current affair programes where do you see average sized females represented? The women that are “plus size” often go to the other extreme and are constantly referring to their weight and become the butt of fat jokes. And they wonder why most women are on diets?


(Don’t worry guys they put her in a big coat see we don’t have to see those unforgivable curves)

We are constantly being told, directly or indirectly by the media that we, the general public, are not normal, or skinny enough. That in order to be desirable we must look like the Women on T.V or in the magazines. The media and the Weight loss industry have been co-creating this myth for decades and are now practically in bed with each other.


So why am I angry at Vogue? By altering Miss Dunham’s body to their standard, they where once more, indirectly saying the way she looked wasn’t good enough. Her whole stance throughout Girls is that she is happy to expose her natural glory, looking more like most of us look when topless or in a bikini, wobbly bits and all. This unfortunately lead to a lot of backlash, people were upset at the level of  nudity in the show, but really?! It’s no more then shows like Sex in the City or Californication. The only difference is that Miss Dunham is not your typical Vogue model type.


So haters are going to hate, and Vogue is just doing their thing and of course any success is going to come with criticism. I just hope that one day they can have a “plus size” model on the cover without it being a big deal.

I also truley hope that Miss Dunham doesn’

t get swallowed up by these fattiest ways, or take comments like the one below too seriously:

“Lena Dunham wears several designer pieces including, Dolce & Gabbana, Rochas, Alexander McQueen, Prada, Celine, etc all through the editorial…and yeah, she looks beautiful even for a non-size zero (kudos to the weight loss).”

EVEN for a zero, followed by kudos to the weight loss, if this isn’t backhanded compliment I don’t know what is! This one line sums up so much of what is wrong with beauty industry (I really could go on!).

So my dear Fatties, we must remember in all our dieting efforts not to get too carried away and keep calm and hope that  the good ole times before “thin was in” comes back into Vogue!


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