About me. Glorious me.

Hello and welcome to my blog.

So a bit about me… Currently

I am  a 29 year old kiwi lass currently living in South London, working as a Retail Manager. I have a mixture of days in terms of being active, some days I spend hours moving boxes, other I’m sat down on my broken swivel office chair, not moving very much… at all.

I have no kids, nor planning to any time soon, I can blame the playground outside my work for that. Crying- so much crying.

I have had many random jobs over the years including being a Jenny Craig Weight Loss consultant and have worked at an Anytime Fitness gym, so when it comes to loosing weight, I like to think I know what I’m talking about. Putting this into action however is another story.

I have never been obese, however have always carried a bit of excess weight that causes people to call me “cuddly” “A good hugger” “soft” “voluptuous” and my most dreaded “Amazonian”, but this last one might be because I’m almost 6 foot with heels on. The scales will never be in my friend.

I have not tried “every single diet” in existence because I merely just can’t keep up! However, I have been through the “detox” phase, the “Salads and Soups” phase, the “No Carbs” phase, the “No Sugar” phase, the “vegetarian” phase and the “f#*k all this all S*#t “phase.

This blog isn’t a “how to” guide to weight loss, but more of personal monologue of the hardships us “softer” women and men face in our celebrity media saturated world.

I know it’s not the first blog of its kind, but hopefully some of what I’m talking about relates to you personally, makes you laugh, cringe, cry and god forbid motivate!

Happy Reading everybody x

One thought on “About me. Glorious me.

  1. Thank God for that as I’ve just pigged out on a carton of dust. Phew!

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