Dear Fatties

Well it certainly has been a while… where to begin! I would love to be able to say that I successfully maintained a healthy food and exercise regime whist travelling through Europe and now that I’m living in London, eating healthy has never been easier… But the cold flabby reality is that most people I know gain weight whist travelling and I was NOT an exception.


For a while there, in the heat of the Spainish summer I deflated a bit, but that was steadily undone by Dutch waffles and Swiss chocolate! Then again in Greece, I had high hopes for myself when I couldn’t be bothered with much else then Salads and entries and lost a couple kilos. But then there was the UK…. Cheap chocolate, crisps in more variety of flavours then I’ve ever seen before, Jaffa cakes, pies, and fried chicken joints at every turn.


I have gained about 5-7 kilos since July, but I have also gained life changing experiences that I would never swap for a few kilos. I think one thing that I learnt about weight/myself is that when you’re simulated by other more exciting things, you don’t really give a shit about your waist line (with the exception of Spain- wtf do these girls even eat??). I also discovered that by writing this blog it made me obsess and think about weight even more, which was an interesting side effect to something I thought would help me around this issue.

So here I am, in big ole London town, I wasn’t quite aware of how much weight I’d put on until I realised that blaming the UK for having “weird sizing” aka I have to now go up a size in most stores was just me being blissfully ignorant to the fact I’m not quite the svelte creature I was a few months ago. Don’t get me wrong, I still have some of that post holiday “don’t give a shit” liberation over my body image, however as the days roll on and I’m exposed to more magazine covers and my ass won’t fit into a normal size range, one cannot help but think its time to reel it in a little… or a lot.


Moving countries is hard work, my “go-to” frozen vegetables are no longer available, work routines changed, fitness classes different and not as available. It’s all an adjustment and sometimes the most comforting thing can be found at the bottom of a packet of chocolate biscuits. BUT! I’ve joined a local gym, starting making salads for lunch and cutting down the junk. Slow and steady wins the race in this case I think.



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