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Over sized luggage?


Hello Fatties!

Gosh it’s been a while! Sorry I have been travelling the world haven’t had time to truly explore the trials and tribulations of weight! However that doesn’t go to say that these issues have disappeared… more like been suppressed by blocks of Dutch cheese and Irish fudge!


Now I know some of you might be thinking that I shouldn’t be worrying about weight while I’m on one of the biggest adventures of my life. But have you SEEN European women? They are impossibly beautiful and most of them are very slim also.

Just to break it down for you, I am currently travelling Europe for 3 months with the Intention to move to one of these countries permanently. I sold all my belongings (including my yoga matt) and bought a one way ticket. Luckily I have an Irish passport so I can be more laissez faire about it all.


My first week was spent in Madrid, Spain with one of my best friends who is a real foodie, so dieting was off the table. Then I had 10 days alone where I actually thinking I lost weight due to the heat of Barcelona and not wanting to dine alone that often. But then I met my other friend and all that delightful weight loss has gone down the greasy chocolaty drain!

For two months I am travelling with my good German friend, who is, to say to lease a little obsessed with food, So the day somewhat revolves around meals. Don’t get me wrong I love this approach to travelling and when you are backpacking on a budget for 3 months combining food and site seeing is a great way to spend ones time….however when a meal of deep fried chips with mayo is followed by Nutella covered waffles one can’t help but wonder about the calories!


But the great thing about backpacking is often you care carrying around a bag that is 15 kilos upwards on your back, walking up stairs, running for buses and then during the day (without the back) you average about 4-5 hours of walking… so burgers and ice cream is ok then?….

I do get moments where I literally crave fresh vegetables and fruit so we are trying to make an effort to get our food from the supermarket, cook our own meals etc. But of course in a foreign land sometimes you aren’t 100% what you are buying (or eating).

So far I have only had to dust off the ole bikini a couple times in Spain, the rest of the time “Summer” has been colder than my Auckland NZ Winter! But I have high hopes for Italy and Greece!

So my grand plan! Keep up the walking! Keep trying new things, but don’t necessarily have massive amounts of them! Drink lots of water, WATCH MY PORTIONS, only drink sugary or alcoholic drinks if it’s worth it, and try and do some exercises wherever possible!

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