Rehab – how did I get here?

No more running he said, no more squatting he said, no more lunges he said. Ok so….I’m trying to get bikini ready, hows this going to work?!

So I’ve had issues with my knees for the past couple years now, they basically grind, crunch and crackle like a corn-flake commercial when I walk up stairs or do squats and lunges. I have had them x-rayed, been to the doctor and asked my local physio. They all shrugged it off, told me to go easy on the squats and said crunchy knees where normal. At this point, the ripe age of 27, I was feeling kind of like this: 

I continued doing squats and also become a fan of running, which I know is high impact on your knees… but hey my knees where fine right, they were “just normal”?? 

So today I went and saw another physio and stressed to him that it was NOT OK, turns out I have Chondromalacia patella, which in English means my knees are tracking over on the wrong angle. I developed this over a series of actions/habits where I didn’t have good form.

People. Good form is SO important. Its a waste of time going hard at the gym not to get the full benefit or injure yourself! I think my injury happened from taking shortcuts and going with what felt easier. Now I have to take 12 weeks off all my go-to exercises not to mention the cost of physio!

Ok so…hmmm now what do I do. 


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3 thoughts on “Rehab – how did I get here?

  1. Ouch! Dang. Could you try swimming or using a rowing machine?

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